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Our Services

Success-based permanent placement

Time Job charges a placement fee for its services after a job candidate has been hired. If a work arrangement that was brokered by Time Job is terminated before or during the trial period, or if the job candidate does not take on the permanent position, you as the contracting company will receive a partial reimbursement of the billed fee in accordance with our general business terms.

Cooperation agreement / Special conditions

After signing the cooperation agreement with Time Job, special conditions will apply in connection with the placement fee for permanent positions or for the hourly rate for temporary work assignments.

Temporary assignments / Short-term projects / Payrolling

When you’re experiencing a staff shortage or an unplanned absence on your workforce, we’ll provide you with qualified personnel – quickly and without hassle. In the case of temporary assignments, we’ll agree upon a set hourly rate and prepare a written employment contract.

We’ll handle everything relating to the contract, personnel administration and employer’s obligations – enabling you to stay focused on your core business and to keep risks and costs to a minimum.

Try & Hire

We care about transparency and your satisfaction. You have the opportunity to take on job candidates for a three-month trial period. Then, if both sides choose to continue the working relationship, you can hire the person permanently without additional costs. You also have the option to permanently hire the candidate before the end of the trial period, for an agreed-upon flat fee.